Why did we set up Retraining Pain?

  • Who are we? We are a group of health professionals (physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and occupational therapists) who have, for more years than we care to focus on (!), worked predominantly in the NHS working with people with pain.
  • We worked hard to create and develop a service that served the needs of our community.  We ran group programmes to help people live well with pain, and we saw people individually to support their physical and emotional needs. We trained staff who thought they didn’t have the skills to work with people with ‘unfixable’ conditions, we talked about the biopsychosocial model *a lot*, and we created a culture of team work and held the utmost respect for one another’s professional viewpoints.
  • But…..we felt frustrated.  There were so many limitations on what we could offer.  We wanted to help more people, we wanted the autonomy to create a really unparalleled service to meet the needs of people with pain.  We wanted to use technology to help people nationwide.  We wanted to meet the needs of people after life changing accidents where finding knowledgeable health professionals who use a team approach can be like a needle in a haystack.  One day after a chat on a bench, Retraining Pain was born!
  • Our focus right now is to provide multidisciplinary assessments and rehabilitation of people with persistent pain following accident or injury.  We know this takes specialist skills, team working, and excellent interpersonal skills.  We have so many ideas about how we can guide people through the persistent pain puzzle….more services coming soon!
  • Although we do try and practice what we preach about pacing, we have enthusiasm by the bucketload and quite like spending our free time learning  more about pain (yes, really!)
  • Why should you choose us?  We may be in our infancy as a company, but rest assured we have decades of collective experience of working with people in pain.  We want to save case managers time by finding a host of professional skills all in one place.  We pride ourselves on the good relationships we make with the people we work with – if you want to know more, pick up the phone and speak to us or send us an email to info@retrainingpain.co.uk