Podcast Guesting – The Psychology of Case Management with Shabnam Berry-Khan, ‘The Neuroscience of Pain’


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2:33 Romy’s interests and what led her to specializing in pain7:10 The neuroscience of pain12:48 Moving away from only treating the physical17:50 Use of language in treating pain21:31 How to deal with witnessing pain in others26:00 Polyvagal theory and its relevance to pain28:00 Client relationship as part of pain assessment30:52 Three top tips for Personal Injury professionals to use in their work35:20 Shabnam’s reflections37:00 Pain webinars


7:55 “It’s more than just ‘issues in the tissues’ sometimes we can’t make sense of why people have pain.”

11:33 “We need to ask ‘What is setting off your danger system?’ and ‘How do we help you create safety in your nervous system?’”

Find the podcast here: https://www.psychworks.org.uk/podcast-season-two