Podcast Guesting – Chronic Pain and Perfectionism on Pause, Purpose, Play with Michaela Thomas

Do you experience persistent, or chronic, pain? Or do you have a loved one who does? You might know how hard it is to pace yourself on a ‘good day’, overdoing it, and then ‘paying for it’ the next day. Especially if you have high standards for yourself, then you may just push through the pain rather than be kind to yourself. 
In this episode, I speak to Dr. Romy Sherlock about chronic pain and perfectionism, as they often go hand in hand. 
Romy Sherlock is a clinical psychologist specialising in working with people with chronic/persistent pain.  She spent 8 years leading an NHS pain psychology service and set up Retraining Pain, a multidisciplinary team to help people with persistent pain.
We cover:
What chronic pain is

Injury or illness causing pain

Overprotective nervous system

Biopsychosocial model of pain

Life and identity before/after pain

Changing your relationship to the pain

Complete recovery vs. Adjusting to it

More than ‘issues in the tissues’ or ‘all in your head’

Pain as threat detection

Making rehab less scary

The stress and anxiety of pain

The link between trauma and pain

Perfectionistic tendencies and self-criticism

Overdoing and pushing through vs pacing

Pain experience in women

Hardwired to want to achieve and fit in

Feeling like a burden

Acceptance isn’t resignation

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Resources mentioned – The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der KolkWhen The Body Says No by Dr. Gabor MatéLiving Beyond Your Pain by JoAnne Dahl and Tobias LundgrenExplain Pain Handbook by Professor Lorimer Moseley and Dr. David Butler.www.livewellwithpain.co.ukwww.tamethebeast.org

 Podcast Link: https://thethomasconnection.co.uk/chronic-pain-and-perfectionism-with-romy-sherlock