Providing specialist, multidisciplinary pain assessments and treatment, when and where you need it

As experienced professionals working in the field of persistent pain, we understand how tricky long term pain can be for people.  Often, people with pain feel hopeless, disbelieved, and struggle to access appropriate services.  We know that for case managers, solicitors and insurers, it can be a frustrating task to find professionals who have the right knowledge and experience to work with the challenge of pain, who can work as a team, and who work collaboratively all in one place.

We can help.  Our team of specialist physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and occupational therapists can provide assessment and treatment to help guide people through the persistent pain puzzle.  We want to connect with people with pain, to help them to understand their pain, and to teach them skills to enjoy the things they value in their lives.  We pride ourselves on treating the person, not just the pain, using a multidisciplinary approach and a biopsychosocial model.

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