Case Managers, solicitors and care providers – what do you need for your clients with persistent pain?

  • What do we (as clinicians) think helps?

We have been working as an interdisciplinary team for a long time across a variety of service provisions.  Here’s what we’ve observed is helpful for people with persistent pain.

  • Specialist clinicians who have the knowledge and skills to adapt their practice to work with people with pain.
  • An interdisciplinary approach – a team of professionals from different backgrounds working in a joined up way with a shared treatment plan
  • Early intervention, not a last resort
  • Consistency.  We never chop and change clinicians.  Our clients see the same clinician throughout all of their treatment.
  • Pain management group programmes, where people with pain get to meet others with pain, to offer hope, reassurance and support, alongside pain management skills.

We get some fantastic outcomes for our clients!  Our 2021 outcomes show an improvement for all clients who accessed pain specialist physiotherapy on pain self efficacy (i.e. confidence to complete everyday tasks despite pain), and improvements for scores on anxiety, depression, trauma and pain catastrophising in 83% of our clients.

  • What do you, as solicitors, case managers or care providers think helps?

We see you trying so hard to help your clients.  However, perhaps

  • It is hard to get your clients on board outside of a biomedical approach
  • It is difficult to get the funding for specialist intervention
  • There is a lack of provision in your geographical area
  • You have a lack of knowledge about what clients with persistent pain need, and what a good outcome could be
  • You get the right clinicians to work with the client, but they have little opportunity or inclination to work together.
  • There is a scattergun approach  ‘This client has a lot of needs – lets throw everything at them’.  This approach is usually extremely well intentioned, but may be costly and overwhelm the client.

  • What do you need from us?  How can we help?

  • We like to think we take a load off your plate by providing a ready made specialist team. 
  • We can offer a brief, telephone assessment if you just aren’t sure if our approach is right for your client, before you decide if it is worthwhile investing in a more detailed assessment.
  • We are not a ‘bolt on’ service.  (See ‘the scattergun approach’ above).  We see that often so many professionals are involved with one client.  Yes, we are pain specialists, but we also have those generalisable skills that we use alongside our pain management knowledge – good MSK physiotherapy, a robust conceptualisation informed psychology intervention, or sound occupational therapy support with bonus pain management.
  • We often offer a hybrid service – face to face assessment and a combination of online and face to face follow ups.  We have an expanding team of specialist clinicians to enable us to provide cover nationwide.

If you would like to know more about pain management, why not

  • Come along to our upcoming webinar, ‘help your clients retrain their pain’
  • The first Tuesday of every month 1-2pm, come along to our open zoom call – no need to book, just click on the link (on LinkedIn and our website – here) and talk to our pain specialist clinicians with any questions, difficulties, or just get some support.
  • We are happy to provide bespoke training sessions to help you gain accessible, immediately useful skills to help your clients. 
  • Contact us on

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