What is a Pain Physio?

What is a pain physio? How is a pain physio different to a regular physio? Don’t all physios help people with pain? Questions often asked by patients, clients, health professionals, case managers and individuals involved … Read more

The joy of the multidisciplinary team

Often in the world of rehabilitation work, different professionals work independently with a client, each working on their own set of goals, and you might meet at a multidisciplinary team meeting (if you’re lucky!). One … Read more

My Journey as a Pain Physiotherapist

As health practitioners, we often talk about the journeys that people have come on when experiencing persistent pain. We take note, listening to their story, trying to understand the struggles, the ups and the downs, … Read more

The thorny issue of pain in medicolegal settings

The longer I have worked across the medicolegal setting offering rehabilitation to individuals with trauma and persistent pain, the more I realise what a thorny issue the concept of pain is in this context. A … Read more

Why did we set up Retraining Pain?

Who are we? We are a group of health professionals (physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and occupational therapists) who have, for more years than we care to focus on (!), worked predominantly in the NHS working with … Read more