Providing specialist, multidisciplinary pain assessments and treatment, when and where you need it

Are your clients struggling with persistent pain?  Do you find it difficult to know how to help them, or to find the right team to provide rehabilitation?

At Retraining Pain, we offer:

  • A collaborative, multidisciplinary team service
  • Highly skilled and experienced HCPC registered pain specialist physiotherapists, occupational therapists and psychologists
  • Interventions based on the biopsychosocial model
  • Offered via our nationwide network of trusted professionals

Guiding you and your clients through the persistent pain puzzle, we provide:

  • Single professional or MDT assessments
  • Pain specialist physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psycholo interventions
  • Bespoke multidisciplinary pain management rehabilitation programmes
  • Group pain management programmes
  • Training and consultation for people working in the field of persistent pain

Through our decades of experience working with people with pain, we understand people can feel hopeless.  Often, they feel their pain is not believed or is misunderstood.  They have frequently been offered ineffective interventions. 

We treat the person, not just the pain, using evidence based interventions, to:

  • Help people find confidence in movement
  • Build strength in a gentle, consistent and fun way
  • Help people understand why pain persists, in accessible ways
  • Helping clients process trauma from accidents which often contributes to pain
  • Teach skills to help people cope with anxiety, depression andadjustment to a long term condition
  • Re-engage with meaningful activity
  • Feel hopeful about life again

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